Love and hate

Because hating is much more easier than falling in love. Something that Orked will never do. 

Alter ego

Orked Maryam, the girl who loves to taste the adventures that the world has to offer. The one who is not afraid of everything. Orked, an easy-going girl, who mingles with almost everybody. Orked knows how to have fun, how to stand tall, know what's best for her. Orked, the amazing girl.


When you have everything, you don't have to brag about anything.


You know, this is hard. Being different is hard sometimes. You have a different perspective, a different taste of everything, a different style, a different mind and idea. It's just hard sometimes. I mean, I can absolutely stand alone. But yeah, the world. The people. They can't take something alternative or something 'abnormal' that easy. Being pick on, it's no fun. It's a pain actually. Having a different voice than others really takes some courage, you know. Let me put it this way. In college, when everybody else wearing backpacks to classes while you are the only one who wears a sling back. It's completely normal for you, cause it's still a bag and it can fill almost anything just like a backpack. But yeah, due to the 'mainstream' people, they start to pick on you.That kind of thing. Being different needs a lot of courage. Not cool, man. Not cool. Swimming in a large sea when you are the only that is out of norm is a true tragic adventure. Only those who can stand and fight will survive. I kinda dragged away from the story. I hate but in the same time love being different. It's just my thing WHICH I can't survive.Funny how I can put it that way. I don't ask for anything big, but people, don't pick on or boo-ed someone who dare to be different. Just because you can't doesn't mean you can dragged everybody else with you. Just, DO NOT PICK ON OTHERS. Goodness.