Help yourself?

To do list:

1. Stand tall for yourself
2. Learn how to argue wisely
3. Learn to voice out your opinion firmly
4. Learn how to win an argument very wisely
5. Learn how to voice out your decision
6. Practice sarcasm "one who knows how to reply a sarcarstic comment has a fast-working mind) *i need it, desperately*
6. Confident pleasee?
7. Don't let others conquer you. You have your own voice too.
8. Learn how to be very independent.
9. Try not to tell anyone about your depression, sadness. It's pathetic for God sake.
10. You are you. So stand firm, stand tall, chin up, voice out.

(A major to do list which will take gazillion years, sadly. Sigh)

A journey

Orked travel back to hometown today. All ets tickets are sold out, so yeah she had to take the commuter back to her place. She didn't mind that. She's fine with it. You know, when you had to travel alone, with your dangling luggage which some people may find it annoying or exhausting. But she's okay with it. To travel alone is one of her dream so this is part of it. So yeah. Orked is a strong girl. She hates whining. She's an independent young woman. She doesn't need anyone to help her, what more to spoil her. That is not Orked.

Love and hate

Because hating is much more easier than falling in love. Something that Orked will never do. 

Alter ego

Orked Maryam, the girl who loves to taste the adventures that the world has to offer. The one who is not afraid of everything. Orked, an easy-going girl, who mingles with almost everybody. Orked knows how to have fun, how to stand tall, know what's best for her. Orked, the amazing girl.